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31 Nights of Horror

30 Sep

What horrors await?

For some folks,  that chill in the air when October rolls around speaks to them of football games and candy apples, mulled wine and vibrant leaves. For me, it speaks of the tingle that creeps down your spine when you know the killer’s in the room, but that poor girl at Camp Crystal Lake doesn’t. That gotta-hide-your-eyes dread in the pit of your stomach or that fight-or-flight heartbeat after a good jump scare. After a summer’s worth of big budget action flicks and before Oscar season sets in, well, that’s the prime time for some bloody good gore. I wanted to mark the first Halloween season for this site in a big way. It’s simply not good enough to go to all the new horror movies in theaters (plus that’s cost-prohibitive). A couple of essays on my favorite scares doesn’t cut the mustard. Then, I hit on a great plan:

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Slasher (2004)

30 Sep

They earn a (mostly honest) living by slash, slash, slashing prices! (Kevin, from left to right, Slasher and Mudd)

A few weeks ago, I watched “The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard.” While I was right in thinking it would be stupid, I was wrong in assuming it would also sustain entertainment value. I should have picked “Slasher,” the unbelievable biographical documentary of a real-life car lot slasher sale auteur Michael “just call me Slasher” Bennett. Continue reading