31 Nights — 2010

I watched 31 horror movies during the month of October — one for each day, although not always one per day — and reviewed every single one of them. Chart my descent into madness with this handy-dandy archival-type link page to each of those reviews. Bloody good fun.

31 Nights of Horror 2010 introduction

The House of the Devil — Two-and-a-half stars

Dog Soldiers — Two-and-a-half stars

Bad Biology — One star

Teeth –Three stars

The Dunwich Horror — Two stars

Peeping Tom — Three stars

The Burning — Two stars

The Human Centipede: First Sequence — One-and-a-half stars

It’s Alive — Two stars

Venus in Furs — One star

Thirst — Three-and-a-half stars

The Devil’s Backbone — Three stars

The Masque of the Red Death — Two-and-a-half stars

The Innocents — Four stars

Fido — Three stars

The Signal — Two stars

Don’t Look Now — Three-and-a-half stars

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats — Zero stars

Night of the Demons — Three stars

Eraserhead — Four stars

Swamp Thing — One star

The Hunger — Two stars

Girly — Two-and-a-half stars

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer — Three-and-a-half stars

City of the Living Dead – Two-and-a-half stars

Sisters — Three stars

The Deaths of Ian Stone — One-and-a-half stars

Cannibal Holocaust — Three stars

Fright Night — Two stars

Flesh for Frankenstein — Two-and-a-half stars

Sleepaway Camp — Three-and-a-half stars

31 Nights of Horror: Final Thoughts

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