Non-movie-related facts about me:

1) I was born in southern West Virginia. So far I have made it to western West Virginia. In a few years, I could leave the state altogether. (gasp). Like any place on Earth, there are good things and bad things about my home; both are too numerous to name. I hate the stereotype of the ignorant, shoeless, toothless, lazy, unambitious, uneducated Appalachian. I am none of those things — except maybe shoeless.

2) I’m married. Have been for just over two years. It’s an absolutely wonderful state of being, and most of the talk shows and sitcoms have it totally wrong.

3) I am not a professional writer, although I have freelanced as both a music writer and a movie columnist in my past. Other things I have done in my past: worked at a major theme park, handled large sums of money at a local bank, delivered flowers to people in hospitals, rearranged dinosaur bones to make more interesting animals. (One of these is not true.)

4) In addition to filling my spare time with far too many movies, I also read a ton. There is a teetering stack of library books on a chair just across the room, and three floor-to-ceiling bookcases crammed full of books in my basement. What don’t I do a lot of? Watching TV.

5) Other interests include: cooking, home/interior design, sarcasm, needlecrafts, mixology, sharpening my rapier wit and saving the world from imminent destruction. (I also read comic books.)

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