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31 Nights of Horror: Final thoughts (2010)

23 Nov

This is your brain after 49 hours of horror films.

Now that I’ve finally written up the last straggling reviews from my 31 Nights of Horror experiment, I feel like it’s OK to admit … I had no idea how tough a task I was taking on. Watching a movie a day for 31 straight days is daunting enough, but when you add in writing a timely (at least when I started I thought it would be timely) review of each film? Madness. What was I thinking? I vastly underestimated how difficult it would be to have a life outside of horror movies for the entire month of October, and I vastly overestimated my willingness to give up nearly all of my free time. Continue reading

31 Nights of Horror

30 Sep

What horrors await?

For some folks,  that chill in the air when October rolls around speaks to them of football games and candy apples, mulled wine and vibrant leaves. For me, it speaks of the tingle that creeps down your spine when you know the killer’s in the room, but that poor girl at Camp Crystal Lake doesn’t. That gotta-hide-your-eyes dread in the pit of your stomach or that fight-or-flight heartbeat after a good jump scare. After a summer’s worth of big budget action flicks and before Oscar season sets in, well, that’s the prime time for some bloody good gore. I wanted to mark the first Halloween season for this site in a big way. It’s simply not good enough to go to all the new horror movies in theaters (plus that’s cost-prohibitive). A couple of essays on my favorite scares doesn’t cut the mustard. Then, I hit on a great plan:

Continue reading

A quick explainer on classic movie reviews

29 Aug

For your benefit as readers, when I review a classic movie — a film that is generally critically acclaimed and more than 10 years old — I will typically delve a bit deeper into overall themes and characterization and will sometimes discuss the more technical aspects of filmmaking  (sound, editing, cinematography) a bit more. While I do my best to avoid out-and-out spoilers, more plot is revealed  in these types of reviews than my typical comments on newer cinema.

If you ever believe I have written a bad essay and ruined your future enjoyment of a movie, please, please, please let me know. I have experience writing straight-forward new movie reviews, but classic film essays are new to me, so I’m learning as I go.  Thanks — and happy viewings!