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Hiatus, explained

8 Feb

So … you may have noticed I seem to have stopped writing about movies. The truth is, I stopped watching them for a while. And it wasn’t because I was no longer interested in cinema — new or old — or that I just was too busy or that I couldn’t be bothered.

It wasn’t so much a health scare as a health awakening. There was a doctor’s visit and some things said — fairly upsetting things from my point of view — and I was lying in my bed one night unable to sleep, worried that the stress of my job was going to trigger a heart attack or something. … And I’m only 30. My life needed a major overhaul. When I woke up the next day, I turned my focus inward for the first time in too long a time, and I started addressing the areas of my life that had to change. Continue reading


Please allow me to introduce myself…

15 Aug

It all starts here.

Let’s start with redundancy and hope it doesn’t happen again: As the title may suggest, I am Rhanda, and I watch movies. Tons and tons of movies. You may find yourself wondering how I manage to watch as many as I do, but don’t worry about me. I don’t sleep much, never have, and I’ve got to fill this time somehow.

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